Welcome to ClassTees.com!

Your one stop class spirit-boosting T-shirt site. As part of the ExpressTees.com family of companies, ClassTees offers dedicated designs for your school’s class t-shirt needs. You can select from your own design, or customize one of ours. Get Started Today!

1. Pick a Design

Our graphic artists have come up with a selection of designs for you to choose from. Feel free to come up with our own, or we can combine different elements to create your own one of a kind design. Our Legacy gallery will showcase prior years that can be updated in years beyond.

2. Customize

Upload your class list via email or we will send you a special upload link to securely send your names and information. Download a class design where you can have all of your students sign their shirt design.

3. Wear it with pride!

You can pick the shirt color, design colors, shirt style, your own design- your imagination is our only limitation. Feel free to call and discuss your choices with one of our customer service representatives and they will walk you through it step by step. Remember with Express Tees and Class Tees, the customer is always right.

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